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2023 Big Brother Odds & Betting Favourites

In this post, we take a look at the 2023 Big Brother odds and analyse the chance of each of the betting favourites to win this year’s show ahead of the final.

To watch the Big Brother live final tune into ITV 1 from 9pm on Friday, November 17th. Viewers in Ireland can also watch the live final on Virgin Media Two at the same time.

Big Brother Odds

Big Brother Betting Odds 2023
Contestant Odds Chance
Jordan 2/7 77.8%
Yinrun 11/2 15.4%
Olivia 6/1 14.3%
Henry 16/1 5.9%
Noky 50/1 2%

Big Brother Betting Favourites

Jordan – 2023 Big Brother Favourite

The favourite to win Big Brother 2023 is Jordan at odds of 2/7 ahead of this Friday’s final. Those odds imply that Jordan has a 77.8% chance of winning this year’s season of Big Brother.

Jordan is a 26-year-old Lawyer from Scunthorpe although he lives and works in London these days. He’s one of the most entertaining housemates in the show due to his funny quips, outgoing personality and brutal honesty.

Jordan has had a meteoric rise in the Big Brother winner betting market. A week ago his odds were as long as 11/1 to win this year’s show. The 26-year-old has had a great last week to catapult him into massive favouritism.

One of the biggest storylines on this year’s show has been Jordan’s relationship with Henry. Jordan has described the relationship as ‘platonic’ before but the two are obviously very close, shared kisses and viewers are captured by the idea that there could be a romantic relationship between the two blossoming.

A potential issue for Jordan is that he and Henry could end up splitting votes. If that is the case it could open up the opportunity for Yinrun or Olivia to capitalise and win.


The second favourite to win Big Brother 2023 is Yinrun at odds of 11/2. Those odds imply that Yinrun has a 15.4% chance of winning this series of the popular UK reality show.

Yinrun is a 25-year-old Customer Support Agent who comes from the city of Shanghai in China. She quickly became a fan favourite due to her happy-go-lucky demeanour in the Big Brother House.

The Shanghai native has been a massive drifter in the Big Brother winner betting market. She had previously been as short as 11/10 a little over a week ago but has since drifted out to her current odds of 11/2 ahead of this Friday’s final.

Throughout the series, viewers have been very protective of Yinrun with allegations of fellow housemates picking on her at times. There was an example of this recently when Jenkin and Tom labelled her ‘childish’.

I think Yinrun is the best value in the Big Brother winner betting market, she has a massive fanbase behind her based on social media commentary and from listening to Big Brother’s Late and Live daily recap show there is plenty of support for the 25-year-old still despite her drift in the betting.

She may not be the force she was previously but odds of 11/2 on Yinrun being crowned Big Brother 2023 winner are too good to pass up.


The third favourite to win Big Brother 2023 is Olivia at 6/1 in the betting. Those odds suggest that Olivia has a 14.3% chance of winning this season of the popular UK reality show.

Olivia is a 23-year-old Dancer from Glasgow, Scotland. She has previously said that she is a big fan of the show having grown up watching Big Brother.

The Scot has had a turbulent time in the house with viewers initially receptive to her strong personality, then souring on her but then seeming to win them over again.

Based on social media commentary Olivia’s momentum among the voting public has cooled over the past week. She had been as short as odds of 11/4 to win this year’s show but has since drifted out to her current odds of 6/1.

While the public has warmed to Olivia over the past couple of weeks I don’t think she has that momentum anymore. In other words, the finish line may have come a week too late for Olivia to pull off an upset win in this year’s show.

Also, she’s not a big fan of llamas.


Further out in the betting to win this series of Big Brother is Henry who comes in at odds of 16/1 in the betting. Those odds imply that Henry has a 5.9% chance of winning Big Brother 2023.

Henry is a 25-year-old food writer from Toddington, Gloucestershire. Telling us of his job he says that he ‘basically gets paid to eat a lot and drink a lot’. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig.

Henry is on the right of the spectrum when it comes to political allegiances stating that he ‘voted for the Conservative Party’ at the last General Election. His reasoning? ‘Because at the end of the day Boris Johnson is the person who I’d want to go for a martini the most with.’ Interesting.

The food writer’s drift in the betting market has been significant and honestly a massive surprise. A little over a week ago Henry was as short as 15/8 to win the show but has since moved out to 16/1.

The 25-year-old has been a central part of the big storyline this season which is his relationship with Henry and Jordan. Some have speculated that the budding relationship is one-sided with Jordan ‘stringing Henry along’. On the other hand, many viewers see it as a genuine relationship between the two.

Henry has a very high approval rating based on what can be gathered from social media commentary. The problem? Jordan seems to be the more liked of the pair. For the most part, they share the same fans and the safe bet is that Jordan will get the much greater split of the votes among their fans.


At odds of 50/1 in the Big Brother 2023 winner betting is Noky. Those odds suggest that Noky has just a 2% chance of winning this year’s Big Brother.

Noky is a 26-year-old banker from Derby, England. She is also a former Miss Universe Great Britain (she represented Great Britain in the Miss Universe Pageant).

Noky has had a tough run in the Big Brother House with more nominations than anyone else. Despite this, she has managed to make it to this year’s final.

The 26-year-old has flown under the radar for much of the last two weeks which doesn’t bode well for her ahead of Friday’s final. Odds of 50/1 seem harsh but Noky does appear to be lacking a massive fan base and this will likely see her come in 4th or 5th place.

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