€6 Lotto Flutters Transformed Into €15,964 In Dublin

There were celebrations in Dublin at the weekend when a pair of punters turned some small change into very satisfying windfalls thanks to some small Lotto wagers.

The first anonymous customer entered a BoyleSports shop in the capital on Saturday to place a €0.30 yankee and a €0.70 accumulator on four numbers to come out in the main Irish Lotto draw later that evening. When 9, 12, 20 and 26 rolled out within the main six numbers, they smashed odds of 7,500/1 and bagged €8,362 in winnings from a total investment of €4.

The second customer placed €2 on numbers 1, 9, 15 and 23 with the added safety net of the bonus ball, giving them odds of 3,800/1. That approach paid off as the bonus ball came to the rescue, allowing them to return to the shop and collect a grand total of €7,602.

The combined stakes of just €6 saw the lucky duo share winnings totalling €15,964.

They were only small punts totalling €6, but they paid off in some fashion so fair play to our Dublin customers for thinking big.

We wish them all the best with their winnings.

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