Aston Villa Need To Be Ready For A Relegation Battle

It certainly looks like Liverpool and Manchester City will break-away from the rest of the Premier League again.

We saw it last season and you wondered whether they could both do it again this season and it looks like they will. I know Man City have dropped points against Norwich and Tottenham but they’ve been excellent and Liverpool have won six from six.

Those two are running away with the Premier League at the moment. You can’t see anyone touching them.

They’ve got the best managers, the best coaches, and certainly the best squads of players.

The door is open for someone to break into the top four, perhaps Leicester or West Ham but I think there’s more to come from Chelsea. They’ve got N’Golo Kante back now and they really caused Liverpool problems on Sunday so they look the most likely to finish 3rd or 4th.

If you’re looking towards the bottom of the table and looking at teams who are in danger, you’re looking at Watford. They had a few decent chances early in the game against Man City but then we all know what happened.

They continued to play the same way throughout the 90 minutes. There has to be a time at 3-0 down where you look to change things and try to stay in the match but they didn’t recognise that on the pitch.

Wolves have started poorly but I think they’ll be fine.

If Norwich are going to stay up they’re going to have to do it with home form, the same goes for Newcastle and although Brighton have started well they could get sucked into it as well.

I thought Aston Villa were the best equipped of the promoted sides to stay up but I’ve been fairly unimpressed with them this season. I’ve not seen anything from them that leads me to believe they’ll be in anything other than a relegation fight.