Cork Punter Scoops €25,418 For €2 Football Accumulator

A Football punter turned their Saturday into a profitable one when not one, not two but three of their accumulators clicked scooping over €28,000. The bet was placed in one of BoyleSports’ Cork shops, however the customer wishes to remain anonymous.

The most profitable accumulator had a €2 stake on thirteen match betting selections across the Premier League, Championship and Football League One and Two. The selections were Chelsea (1/4), Everton (8/11), Leicester (8/11), Arsenal (7/10), Manchester United (4/9), Barnsley (20/23), Birmingham (13/5), Ipswich (11/10), Newcastle (11/8), Morecambe (11/4), Plymouth (2/1), Doncaster (3/4) and Portsmouth (11/10).

Defying the odds, the monster accumulator bagged this plucky punter €25,418.36.

The second largest returning accumulator also had a €2 stake but had just eight selections, focusing on the Championship and Football League One and Two selections at the same odds in the large accumulator.

This accumulator totalled a return of €2,775.66 which when added to the initial windfall brought their total winnings up to €28,194.02

Their luck didn’t stop there however as the final winning accumulator, which had a €5 stake and was on the Premier League selections from the large accumulator, at the same odds, bagged an added €45.79.

In total the three accumulators ensured a whooping €28,239.81 winnings.

Getting one accumulator to click is a hard enough feat, but not for this punter who saw three of their footie accumulators click on Saturday.

They stretched across the Premier League, Championship and Football League One and Two fixtures on Saturday and with all three coming to fruition it saw the Rebel take BoyleSports for €28,239.81.

We want to wish them all the best with their winnings and commend them for their fantastic selections.