Eurovision – A Look Back On A Decade Worth Of Winners

The last three years of the Eurovision Song Contest has brought us some fantastic winning songs that are still stuck in people’s heads to this day. As we eagerly await the final on Saturday here’s a look at the good the bad and the downright strange winners of the last ten years.

2015 Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw ‘Heroes’

Staged in Vienna, Austria acquired an unwanted tag by becoming the first host nation to score the dreaded ‘nul points.’ There was also misfortune for Georgia, when their entrant Nina Sublatti got lost in a cloud of smoke following the malfunction of a smoke machine on stage.

No such problems for Måns Zelmerlöw, who guided Sweden to within one victory of Ireland’s record haul of seven Eurovisons with ‘Heroes.’ It may not last as long in the memory as the Bowie track of the same name, but the catchy chourus and impressive visuals ensured this became the 3rd highest scorer in Eurovision history with 365 points.

2014 Austria – Concheta Wurst ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’

Putting the bearded lady aside this song has everything you need to win the Eurovision, it’s dramatic, powerful and carries a very strong message. Concheta opened the Eurovision Semi-Final 1 with ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ and it made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Overcoming petitions from Belarus and Russia to be pulled from the Song Contest, Austria had the last laugh when they went onto win with what will be one of the most iconic winners ever.

2013 Denmark – Emmelie de Forest ‘Only Teardrops’

Only Teardrops winning felt like Eurovision déjà vu, it had a very similar feel to Euphoria to year before. Nevertheless it was a deserved winner. This was the third win for Denmark, having won in 2000 and 1963.

2012 Sweden – Loreen ‘Euphoria’

Following last year’s win, Sweden has now won the song contest a total of six times. Their previous win came in 2012 with this uplifting dance track Euphoria. It still gets people on the dancefloor and is an all-round fantastic winning song.

Those dance moves made for some great sneering on Twitter. Sweden are currently 10/1 to claim their record seventh title in Stockholm this year.

2011 Azerbaijan – Ell & Nick ‘Running Scared’

Azerbaijan are always ones to watch in the Eurovision, having won the contest in 2011 and their semi-final in 2013. They only joined the contest in 2008 and until the last couple of contests had placed in the top 10 every year.

Their all-white ensembles has an air of Blink 182’s All the Small Things video about it, hard to take it serious after that.

2010 Germany – Lena ‘Satellite’

Germany are part of the Big Five so they don’t know the pain of never making it to the finals, last year is still very raw for me. They’ve won twice, but I can’t fathom how they managed it with ‘Satellite’.

Firstly her forced accent is insanely annoying and she’s more or less talking rather than singing. Secondly who buys light blue underwear to wear for someone, such a random colour?

Finally if you get past the annoying voice and actually listen the lyrics she is a stalker.

2009 Norway – Alexander Rybak ‘Fairytale’

The Eurovision is known for cheesy and overly simplistic lyrics and this is exactly what Norway brought to the table in 2009 with Fairytale.

Norway has won the Eurovision three times, received nul points four times and finished in last place eleven times, so needless to say there has been more bad than good throughout their time in the song contest.

2008 Russia – Dima Bilan ‘Believe’

Russia has appeared in 19 finals and have never missed a final since 2004. 2008 was the only year they won, however they did win their semi-final in 2012.

Politics is rife within the Eurovision and it can go either way for Russia. Something tells me in 2008 it worked in their favour because there really isn’t much to the song.

2007 Serbia – Marija Serifovic ‘Molitva’

Serbia first appeared in the Eurovision in 2007 and blew everyone away with Molitva. They won on a staggering 298 points and rank fourth for the highest points ever scored.

They have failed to qualify twice since then and returned last year following a break with an entry that attracted a lot of attention, but barely scraped a top 10 place with a measly 53 points.

2006 Finland – Lordi ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’

Lordi were the first ever demonic rock group to win the Eurovision Song Contest. It was like someone skinned Slipknot, made them a bit more pop rock and shoved them onto the stage in Athens.

People went nuts for Lordi and Hard Rock Hallelujah and they recorded Finland’s highest ever score of 292. Finland failed to qualify last year but are back this time around with a 300/1 shot.

Interesting fact, I was at a Bon Jovi concert in Croke Park when Finland won. Yes I watched the concert over this.

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