Gomes Horror Injury Makes VAR Shambles Irrelevant

Marco Silva and Mauricio Pochettino both commented on the fact that football became irrelevant in light of Andre Gomes’ injury yesterday at Goodison Park.

The game itself was a bit of a mess. There were too many decisions being reviewed by VAR that weren’t necessarily the correct decisions – whether they were being overturned or weren’t being overturned. VAR spoilt the game.

This was the problem throughout, but that’s where we’ve got to with VAR with what’s been happening this season. I don’t think anyone is really in the light about how we’re going to address this going forward.

That type of game yesterday has been coming. Given what happened with Firmino’s offside on Saturday, for example, it’s ridiculous how we’re getting these fine margins dictating the outcomes of games.

That was, in my mind, what it should never have been brought in for.

VAR has been a bit of a shambles.

Gomes Horror Injury
The injury to Andre Gomes was horrific watching it live and I think Everton’s medical team, knowing some of the staff that were involved, would have handled it absolutely brilliantly.

Then we were dealing with the aftermath of what happened and the game did go a little bit flat. Everton and Tottenham both did well as teams to continue on with the game, given what had happened and given what some of those players had witnessed.

It was a credit to both clubs in how they conducted themselves. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Seamus Coleman went into the dressing room to console Heung-min Son and Serge Aurier afterwards.

Seamus is a class act and knows full well the other side of it and what Andre Gomes is going through.

I hope that Gomes gets back to a full recovery and back on the pitch very, very quickly.