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‘I Don’t Rate Him As A Power Puncher’ – Fury’s Sparring Partner Alen Babic

Tyson Fury’s sparring partner has made some explosive claims ahead of the massive fight between Fury and Derek Chisora this Saturday.

Croatian boxer Alen Babic who has been training with Fury in the lead up to this fight took the time to sit down and speak to us here at BoyleSports.

He gave us his predictions for what will go down in the Fury vs Chisora trilogy fight. The Croatian was complimentary of Fury but wouldn’t rule out Chisora’s power playing a role in deciding this bout.


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What’s it like to share the ring with Tyson Fury?

It’s beautiful, I love it. I love boxing, I live boxing. So he was punching me with those uppercuts. I took maybe ten clean uppercuts in the head.

He stopped because he thinks I’m hurt. [I said] ‘I’m not Fury, I love this, let’s go’. He said ‘Savage, you’re mental’. I love it.

He’s always on you like he’s in the air floating all the time. He does not really put himself on you, he’s just there. His huge frame. His huge body. He should not be able to do this but he’s there. And you punch him in the liver and the stomach full force and he does not even feel it.

It’s mental. He does not feel the punches. And then he puts his arms behind his back and allows me to punch him. Nobody did that in my life.

I didn’t want to – I know he could take it because he’s mental – but I did not want to punch him cleanly because I don’t do that. It would be degrading for me. Then I started doing it [copying Fury’s taunts] because I was ashamed. [I said] ‘Screw you, punch me.

How do you rate Tyson Fury’s power?

He does not really have the power punch. I don’t rate him as a power puncher. I did not really feel it if I’m being honest.

But I counted his punches in one round, he did 86 punches. That’s crazy. You don’t even know how or where the punches are coming from.

With the small gloves I see Fury as a very dangerous individual, but with the sparring gloves on and headgear I did not really rate him as dangerous as he is in a fight probably. Because he does hit you clean from the corners you don’t see – it’s just ‘boom’. He’s like a lightweight. Very fast. Very awkward.

How Dangerous is Derek Chisora?

Chisora is dangerous for any human alive. I’m a big fan of Chisora and a big fan of Fury. These are two guys that I love. Chisora has those wide-looping hands, wide-looping crosses.

Chisora’s a very dangerous guy and if he catches him clean he’s going to put him down. But Fury will rise.

He may put him down, I don’t count that out, but Fury will rise again. Fury will keep rising like he did with Deontay Wilder.

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora Prediction?

I think Fury is going to win it. There’s no stopping Tyson Fury.

Fury is calling out Joe Joyce – how crazy is that? In my humble opinion Joe Joyce is the dark horse in the heavyweight division and the best heavyweight on the planet right now.

I’ve sparred with Joyce and rate him very highly. And this Gypsy King is calling Joe Joyce out – he’s the only one. Nobody calls out Joe Joyce. That mentality of Fury is unbeatable.


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