Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte In The Works? Alen Babic Weighs In

Is there an Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte fight on the cards in 2023?

Two of Britain’s best boxers could be squaring off again soon for the first time since 2015 and Alen Babic thinks it would be the perfect fight for both boxers.

The Croatian pro boxer revealed to us why the fight between the two Britons would be great for both along with his thoughts on a potential rematch between Jermaine Franklin and Dillian Whyte.


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How was it having Jermaine Franklin in camp – the man who faced your manager Dillian Whyte?

I did not like him, I did not like his team – they were highly unprofessional. And the sparring was also very unprofessional.

Fury was killing Jermaine Franklin. Fury was decapitating him every time.

Fury was also giving him a beating. Solomon Dacres was also in camp and was giving him beatings. You can’t get ready for a fight by getting a beating everyday for ten rounds. I murdered him. It was an annihilation. It was savage.

I went in and demolished him. Tyson watched it so he can confirm it. He was very poor at sparring. He was not good. I did not tell Dillian because you do not talk about that stuff. I am a professional sparring partner.

I said to Dillian something happened and Franklin left the camp the day after. I think that speaks for it itself. He left the camp the day after.

The Whyte vs Franklin fight was close – should there be a rematch?

Who wants to see Franklin again? It was boring. I didn’t like the fight. He did not do nothing and he’s calling for a rematch.

For me he lost by maybe two or three rounds. He lost the fight.

If you’re challenging a UK guy in the UK you’ve got to give your all. Not just box and do nothing. No one wants to see the rematch. Dillian wants to fight AJ.

What’s next for Whyte?

I think it’s perfect for that fight because AJ is not where he wants to be and I think even Dillian is not where he needs to be.

So they perfectly align on a little bit of a downward spiral. They align perfectly. I think the best fights are like that; Muhammad Ali v Joe Frazier 3, Gatti-Ward 3.

Anthony Joshua is one of the few guys in the world that can bring out the true Dillian Whyte; the animal, the wolf. What we all love. It’s kind of been lost in the last few fights but it’s there. He’s still engaged in training everyday, he just needs the real opponent. I always fancied Dillian and Wilder.

Wilder’s dangerous and he’d be on his A-game. This was his D-game I think. I have some sense that Dillan will destroy Wilder. I have a hunch. Wilder is an incredible power puncher. Maybe the best that ever was.

But he cannot take a punch – Fury is not a knockout artist but he put Wilder down ten times in three fights, so I feel if Dillian catches Wilder it’s night night.


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