Last-Minute Football Christmas Gifts!

It’s almost Christmas. You’re hungover. Again. And you still have to get that all-elusive Christmas present for the football fan in your life.

Here’s more last-minute winners than Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson, along with some to avoid like Diego Costa down a dark alleyway.

Does yours try and start a fight in an empty room? Does yours enjoy the company of teammates’ girlfriends? If so, you’re probably playing Chelsea Guess Who, a snip at £16.85 from their club shop.


Aston Villa are offering 25% off all baby products at the moment, possibly as a reward to 0-4 month olds who have yet to witness a Villa win. The branded Aston Villa Training Cup is a bargain at £3.75, and possibly the only time you’ll read Villa and Cup in the same sentence for quite a while.


Meanwhile, the Red Devils club shop features something that has been rarely witnessed this season – a Manchester United lead.


Personally, I take my wine like I take onions – it doesn’t matter if it’s red or white and it usually ends in tears. But this cheeky Liverpool personalised bottle of red is the perfect tipple to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or home draws with West Brom.


An Arsenal Champions League scarf! Perfect for wrapping up in those cold winter months and, let’s face it, it won’t be needed after February anyway.


Want to terrorise Premier League defences? Well, you’ll need to look elsewhere. This Falcao face mask is surprisingly pricey so you’re probably better off getting it on loan before discarding it when you discover it completely worthless.


The Sunderland club shop dubs these bedside lockers “Trophy Cabinets”. Mine arrived empty and covered in cobwebs.


This Newcastle United wallet seems quite cheap at £1.69 but caveat emptor. Mike Ashley will only allow it to be opened once every few years when things are looking bleak.