Leitrim Punter Boosts Finances By €63,000 With Series of €0.70 Lotto Flutters

What an unbelievable Friday it turned out to be for one lucky punter from Co Leitrim after they turned some loose change into a jaw dropping amount on Friday evening’s DailyMillions draw.

The anonymous customer placed six €0.70 accumulators amounting to a total of €4.20 via their BoyleSports account on different combinations of five numbers to be pulled from the Daily Millions machine.

Their luck was in as the 15,000/1 odds were trounced in a matter of seconds when 7, 8, 16, 20, 22 and 33 all rolled out meaning all six wagers landed.

The Leitrim punter was able to log back into their account to see their balance increased by a handsome amount of €63,004.20 to start the weekend off in style.

Congratulations to our Leitrim punter who had the best Friday possible after turning €4.20 into €63,000 when picking their favourite numbers in the Daily Millions draw.

We wish our customer the best of luck with their winnings.