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Love Island Casa Amor Returns – Date, Odds, Cast, Trends & Meaning

Casa Amor returns this Friday night in Love Island and we have all the odds, cast, trends and info you need to know ahead of the drama.

Viewers were left stunned after the teaser for Friday night’s episode which aired at the end of Thursday night’s show. We know that a big argument between Scott and Tyrique will happen. The argument is centred around Tyrique’s belief that Scott doesn’t actually like his current partner Catherine and is just using her to stay in the show.

We also know from that teaser that Casa Amor will return on Friday night. Here’s all you need to know ahead of the return of perhaps the most interesting part of the whole show.

What is Casa Amor in Love Island?

Casa Amor is a second villa that one gender of housemates on the show go to where there are bombshells of the opposite gender. The other gender that stays in the main villa also has bombshells of the opposite gender come in.

It’s much easier to explain with an example, so if the boys are sent to Casa Amor then they will go to this nearby villa with single girls in it (bombshells as they are called in Love Island). The girls will then stay in the main villa and single boys (bombshells) will be brought in.

Casa Amor was first introduced in season 3 of Love Island and has now become a staple of the show due to its popularity. The whole situation makes for fascinating viewing as couples that are not rock solid can easily see one of either the boy or the girl dump their current partner to couple up with one of the new bombshells. It’s basically a test of loyalty to determine how strong the current couples really are.

When Does Casa Amor Start?

Filming for Casa Amor began on Thursday, June 29th and it is believed that we will see the drama unfold in Casa Amor on Sunday, July 2nd.

The producers of the show teased the return of Casa Amor on Thursday night’s episode so it is possible that we see the islanders leave for, or at least learn of Casa Amor on Friday night’s episode.

How Long Will Casa Amor Last?

Casa Amor usually lasts around 3 to 4 days. So, if Casa Amor begins on Sunday as is the rumoured start date then we can expect it to run through to Tuesday or Wednesday night’s episode.

This is the perfect amount of time to test the loyalty of each contestant in a couple or for the single islanders to get to know the new bombshells.

Every year islanders have their heads turned during Casa Amor and with no official relationships in the villa we can expect this year to be no different.

What Does Casa Amor Mean?

Casa Amor means ‘Love House’. The term ‘Casa Amor’ comes from the Spanish language as a nod to the fact that Love Island is filmed in the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Casa means ‘house’ in Spanish. Amor means ‘love’ in Spanish. If you translate it word for word it would be ‘House Love’. However, the reason for that is because in Spanish the adjective (amor) comes after the noun (casa) as opposed to in English where the adjective (Love) comes before the noun (Island).

Casa Amor Recoupling Ceremony

Some of the most iconic scenes in Love Island history have come from the Casa Amor recoupling. The reactions make for fascinating viewing with arguments never too far away.

The islanders that remained in the villa will have to wait anxiously, if they stayed loyal, to see if their partner returns single or with a new bombshell by their side.

The most devastating scenes typically come from when the islander returning from Casa Amor has remained loyal to his partner and then returns to see their partner standing beside a new bombshell. Great television.

Love Island Casa Amor Cast 2023

Reported Casa Amor Girls Cast

Amber Wise (daughter of famous footballer Denis Wise)

Molly Marsh (rumoured)

Reported Casa Amor Boys Cast

Unknown as of yet

The Love Island producers have done a great job this year of preventing the cast of Casa Amor from leaking. Only one leak has got out (or as put out) which is Amber Wise. Although it is likely that more leaks occur ahead of the broadcast of the first episode of Casa Amor and we will update it here as they do.

There will be 12 bombshells (new islanders) joining the show – six new boys for the girls and six new girls for the boys. Either the boys will be sent to Casa Amor to meet the new girls and the girls will remain in the main villa to meet the new boys or vice versa. We still don’t know for sure yet which gender will leave for Casa Amor and which will stay.

Will Molly Marsh Return In Casa Amor?

Molly Marsh was dumped from the Love Island villa last week after new bombshell Kady McDermott chose to couple up with Zach, Molly’s partner at the time, during a recoupling.

The manner of the dumping was shocking as Molly was then sent a text after Kady’s decision which informed that she was dumped from the show as a result of Kady’s decision. We have never seen an islander exit the show in this fashion before, it seemed quite unfair to Molly.

The nature of Molly’s exit has led many to believe that there is something more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. So many are speculating that Molly will rejoin the show as part of Casa Amor. These rumours have been fueled by the fact that Molly recently jetted off to Spain. Ibiza to be precise, which is conveniently only a 50-minute flight from Mallorca where Love Island is filmed.

We’ll have to wait and see but a return to Love Island as part of Casa Amor for Molly Marsh does seem like a real possibility.

Love Island Odds

The current favourites to win this year’s show are Tyrique and Ella but that could all change after Tyrique’s explosive argument with Scott which could lead to Ella rethinking her options and Tyrique losing favour with much of the audience.

The latest odds also suggest that Tyrique is the favourite to be the top male in the show. The favourite to be the top female is Ella.

For a full analysis of the Love Island odds check out our Love Island winning couple odds post along with our top male and top female posts.

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