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Love Island Final: Winning Couple Odds, Betting Favourites & Predictions

In this post you can find Love Island winning couple odds as we tell you everything you need to know about this year’s Love Island Final!

Love Island Winning Couple Odds

Love Island Winning Couple Odds




Lochan & Whitney

1/2 66.7%

Tyrique & Ella



Sammy & Jess



Zach & Molly



Love Island Final 2023

When Is The Love Island Final?

The Love Island Final takes place at 9pm, Monday, July 31st.

Love Island Final TV Channel

Irish viewers can watch the Love Island Final on Virgin Media Two or stream it on Virgin Media Player.

Viewers in the UK can watch the Love Island Final on ITV2.

Where Is The Love Island Final?

The Love Island Final takes place in the Love Island villa in Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of mainland Spain.

Who Will Host The Love Island Final?

Maya Jama will host this summer’s 2023 Love Island Final. Jama first took over from former Love Island host Laura Whitmore earlier this year to present Love Island’s winter series.

Love Island Winning Couple Betting Favourites

Lochan Nowacki & Whitney Adebayo – Love Island Favourites

The favourites to win Love Island’s summer series 2023 are Lochlan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo at odds of 1/2. This couple had previously been as short as odds of 2/5 but have drifted back out to 1/2 prior to this year’s final.

The pair first met each other during the famous Casa Amor part of this year’s show. There were sparks flying between the two from the jump so it was no surprise when Whitney returned with Lochan to the villa at the Casa Amor recoupling.

Whitney entered the villa as a bombshell and quickly became one of the most liked islanders on the show by the public. She is funny, seems to get along well with everyone (up until recently) but is also not afraid to tell it how it is when she wants to (this has never changed).

From what we’ve seen on the show Lochan appears to be an all-around great guy. He’s not a “lad’s lad” but rather comes across more as a gentleman compared to the other islanders which has won him favour among the voting public.

Most of all the connection between Whitney and Lochan appears genuine to viewers and it’s hard to see anything rocking the boat between the two between now and the end of the show. For those reasons these two are justified as favourites to win this year’s show.

The public recently voted for their favourite couple and Whitney and Lochan were the winners of the vote. This in and of itself definitely means they are warranting of favouritism.

After that vote Whitney did bump heads with some of the other islanders including her best friend in the villa Ella Thomas. They eventually made up and since then it has been pretty smooth sailing for Lochan and Whitney.

Tyrique Hyde & Ella Thomas

The second favourites in the Love Island winning couple odds are Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas at odds of 5/2.

This couple were previously the runaway favourites but have come back to the back in the past couple weeks.

Their biggest test was when Ella chose to bring back Ouzy from Casa Amor when her and Tyrique were supposed to be ‘closed off’.

That decision sent shockwaves through the villa but eventually the two reconciled and reunited at the next recoupling. They may have lost their status as the favourites but they are still in with every chance of taking home the winning prize in this year’s show.

The couple then went through another rough patch as Ella Barnes entered the villa who was her very familiar with Tyrique. In his own words the two were ‘lipsing’ a couple months ago while Ella B declared that there was unfinished business between the two.

It was Ella T who won the ‘Battle of the Ellas’ and after a couple arguments Tyrique and Ella T got through the ordeal and are stronger for it.

Tyrique also recently performed a grand gesture as he told Ella T that he loved her. The decision on his part to say ‘I love you’ before asking her to be his girlfriend is fascinating but it has become par for the course on Love Island as couples vie for the top prize knowing the show is soon coming to an end.

Personally, I think these two have more chemistry than favourites Lochan and Whitney which makes them live contenders to win this year’s show. However, Tyrique and Ella can’t help but constantly get into arguments about silly things. They recently argued after the ‘Sports Day’ and Tyrique called Ella selfish in that row.

Sammy Root & Jess Harding

Sammy and Jess are next in the Love Island winning couple odds at 7/2. 

These two had a very bumpy ride in their first couple of weeks. Sammy had his head turned by almost every single bombshell that walked into the villa and ‘got to know’ many of them. However, in the end he came back to Jess although there were question marks at the time as to how much he really liked Jess.

That one sided nature to the relationship had many viewers begging Jess to leave Sammy for someone who will actually appreciate her. This never happened and within the last couple weeks it became clear that this couple were going to stick together for the remainder of the show.

These two are deserving finalists and are still in with an outside shot of winning the show although I’d question how long this union will last on the outside.

Zachariah Noble & Molly Marsh

Zach and Molly are last in the Love Island winning couple odds at 22/1. This makes them the finalists least likely to win this year’s show.

This is the second established couple in the villa with the two being coupled up since almost the very beginning after Molly dumped Mitchel for Zach in the first week of the show. Although there was a temporary break for this couple as Kady picked Zach at a recoupling which meant Molly was then dumped from the show before she returned as part of Casa Amor.

Zach has been one of the most likable islanders on this year’s show. He gets on well with all the other islanders and rarely seems to cause problems in the villa.

With that said, he did recently lose his cool after a challenge with Whitney and his decision to kiss ex-partner Kady during that same challenge put him in the dog house as Molly was justifiably annoyed with his decision.

Molly on the other hand just hasn’t won over much of the viewing public from what I’ve seen on social media. It’s hard to know why exactly but a lot of the viewers are not big fans of Molly which will make it difficult for this couple to win this year’s show.

As a longshot bet I wouldn’t write these two off as I think they have good chemistry and are well established. The only thing that would give me cause for concern is a lack of support I’ve seen for the two on social media but perhaps there is a silent majority that will vote for them come the final.

Love Island Predictions

Winning Couple

Tyrique Hyde & Ella Thomas @ 5/2

For me, this has been the power couple of this year’s show. They have had an up-and-down journey to make it to this point but I think that will count in their favour as it makes their journey more relatable and real to viewers.

They do argue quite a lot which may count against them as the public cast their votes for the winners of this year’s show but from what we’ve seen they have more chemistry than any of the other couples.


Lochan Nowacki & Whitney Adebayo

I’m predicting that the current odds-on favourites for this year’s show will finish in second place. As their odds suggest, it would be a surprise if they aren’t crowned winners but I feel like this couple have less chemistry than Tyrique and Ella.

I would even go as far as to say that their connection feels forced at times. They were of course voted as the public’s favourite couple only a couple of weeks ago but after that Whitney bumped heads with a lot of fellow islanders.

They were also the only other couple to get voted as least compatible by their islanders in the most recent dumping. Every couple voted for Ella B and Mitch while Ella B and Mitch voted for Lochan and Whitney as the least compatible. It also appeared that Zach wanted to vote for Lochan and Whitney as the least compatible too before his partner Molly decided against that vote.

If some of there fellow islanders are starting to doubt their compatibility then it’s fair to say that this could be a view shared by some of the voting public.

3rd Place

Sammy Root & Jess Harding

We’re now down to two couples and I have a feeling that Sammy and Jess will make it to the last three over Zach and Molly.

Personally, I prefer Zach and Molly and think they are a better couple but the betting (and social media commentary) suggests that Sammy and Jess resonate more with the voting public than Zach and Molly.

4th Place

Zachariah Noble & Molly Marsh

This feels like the right spot for these two. There were four really strong couples in this year’s show and each of those couples made it to this year’s final.

I do think these two have the best chance of working on the outside among the finalists but for the purpose’s of this show I don’t think they are popular enough among the voting public to win.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Zach and Molly finish third but fourth place is most likely.

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