Jack & Dani Rocked By Lie Detector Result

Love Island favourites, Jack and Dani hit a massive speedbump in their relationship on Monday night following the lie detector test revealing some telling lies.

A row ensued between the couple and fans have been left on a cliff-hanger that suggests Jack may have left the villa. It has also resulted in us easing the couple out to win.

Jack received a ‘lie’ result when asked if he would stay faithful to Dani on the outside which resulted in the couple, who have been together since the beginning, having an explosive row.

The pair have been firm favourites to win throughout the series, but have suffered their first drift in price off the back of their row and are now 1/6 from 1/7.

The only couple that looks to be in a position to steal the title from Jack and Dani are Josh and Kaz as they are 11/2 second favourites.

They weren’t safe from the wrath of the lie detector either, but their fallout was arguably less worrisome than Jani’s.

*Prices correct at time of publishing