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“Matt is in good shape to feature” – Billy Foster

Ahead of this week’s PGA Championship,  Billy Foster, backs his man Matt Fitzpatrick for success at the PGA Championship.

Billy Foster is no stranger to the world of golf having been a caddy for 40 years.

He has caddied for the likes of the late great Seve Ballesteros, serial winner Lee Westwood, a certain Tiger Woods and one of the most consistent golfers on tour now Matt Fitzpatrick.

You would spend a lot of time searching for a caddy over the decades and a variety of experiences in coaching such star power.

‘Matt Fitzpatrick takes a secret spreadsheet route to success

You get what you see with Fitz. He is very, very disciplined. I’ve worked with some of the greatest players but he’s by far the most professional player I’ve ever worked for.

His work ethic is like no other.

The way he goes about plotting how to play the golf course along with me, he does a lot of his own notes as well. And just the way he logs every shot he ever hits on the practice he sticks to his strict routines that don’t change.

He literally logs every shot, how far it’s gone left, how far it’s gone right, how far past the flag, even when he’s at practice.

He logs it all into his spreadsheet on the computer and it might be this one little thing that maybe his seven iron is off, or he’s hitting his five iron too far left.  He’s constantly trying to find that 0.5% that’s gonna make him that tiny bit better.

If it saves him one shot, it might just be the tone shot that wins him a Major Championship. And that’s where he operates. And it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. It would drive me insane, absolutely bonkers.

A lot of players couldn’t do that. But he’s different. He’s meticulous in the way he thinks. He’s really professional. And he deserves everything he gets to be quite honest.

‘Our Yorkshire football rivalry has been a big talking point’

I support Leeds and he is a big Sheffield United fan. We don’t let that boundary come between us! He’s a level-headed cloth cap and I am pretty much the same on that front.

So we both love our football.

A lot of the daily discussion is about what’s going on in the Premier League or the Championship. It’s obviously a topic of conversation.

The Blades got promoted and they might well pass my lot going down.

‘Matt is in good shape to feature’

He’s in pretty good shape. You’ve got to get realistic about these things. The start of the season wasn’t great.

He had a chance to win in Maui. He was in the last group on Sunday with Morikawa and he didn’t play his best and finished seventh.

Apart from that, for him, he had a poor run for a couple of months, and you could see he was losing a bit of confidence and tried to change a few things.

So we had a couple of sit-down chats, we were bluntly honest and constructive, and he’s moved on and played pretty well at the Masters finishing in the top ten.

Then obviously he wins at Hilton Head. It’s almost like the tougher situation, the tougher the golf course, the harder it is to play, the more intensive it is, that’s where he excels.

It’s almost like he’s in a little trance as such, he’s really, really cool and disciplined and the tougher it gets, the better he plays.

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