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2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Odds & Betting Favourites

We have a Men’s Royal Rumble Odds and Preview ahead of the biggest events in the WWE calendar this weekend

One of WWE’s marquee annual events takes place on Saturday, Jan. 27, at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, FL and with that, we preview the likely favourites in the Men’s Royal Rumble.

The Road to WrestleMania well and truly gets underway next Saturday, with the 37th edition of the Royal Rumble. In this event 30 of the some of the biggest names in wrestling will try and outlast 29 other wrestlers for the chance to main event WrestleMania and a shot at a WWE Championship.

For the Men’s Royal Rumble, we have already had the likes of Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Drew Mclntyre and Gunther declare for the event.  We’ve also had some big names declare for the Women’s Royal Rumble with Bayley, Bianca Belair and Limerick native Becky Lynch all declaring!

Men’s Royal Rumble Odds 2024

Men’s Royal Rumble Odds 2024
Player Odds Chance
CM  Punk 4/6 60%
Gunther 6/4 40%
Cody Rhodes 5/2 28.6%
The Rock 10/1 9.1%
Drew Mclntyre 20/1 4.8%
Kazuchika Okada 20/1 4.8%

Men’s Royal Rumble Favourites

CM Punk – 4/6

The favourite for the Royal Rumble next Saturday is CM Punk of 4/6 these odds suggest he has a 60% chance of winning the event.

There would certainly be a sense of poetic justice about CM Punk winning the event considering it’s coming up to a decade ago since he infamously walked out of the company following the event in 2014. On the following night CM Punk legitimately told Vince McMahon and Triple H “he was going home”.

This decision was born out of frustration with the company for some time due to intensive scheduling, lack of creative control and respect (in Punk’s opinion anyway) and general frustrations with the management.

In the subsequent years, Punk tried his hand at everything from UFC to working with other wrestling promotions like AEW. For years he said he would never go back to WWE, but following his return at Survivor Series last November it was a lesson to followers. Never say never in wrestling.

Punk since returning has commenced a rivalry with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, making him the perfect winner for the event to take on Rollins.

File a Punk victory under the very likely column and what a story it would be a decade on from walking out of the company!

Gunther  – 6/4

The second favourite for the Royal Rumble next Saturday is Gunther of  6/4 having been backed in from 6/1  these odds suggest he has a 40% chance of winning the event.

Gunther has had a brilliant year with the company, currently amid an iconic Intercontinental Championship 590+ day reign as champion putting on some showstopping performances in matches throughout the year.

Last year Gunther had a brilliant Royal Rumble campaign being the event “Ironman” entering at number one and lasting to the final two, staying in the ring for a total 1:11:40. He seems like a future Royal Rumble winner, but not this year.

Cody Rhodes – 5/2

The third favourite for the Royal Rumble next Saturday is Cody Rhodes of 7/4 these odds suggest he has a 36.4% chance of winning the event.

“The American Nightmare” won the Royal Rumble in 2023, the storyline at the time was that in winning the event he made the first step in “completing his story” where he could earn the opportunity to take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania winning his first WWE world title having been discarded from the company in 2016.

However, despite winning the event last year and going onto Main Event WrestleMania with Reigns, he was unable to “complete his story” after unsuccessfully challenging  Reigns at WrestleMania 39 which was a very contentious booking decision at the time.

Cody could become the first back-to-back winner since Stone Cold Steve Austin to get his shot at redemption. While I feel he does finish his story at WrestleMania, I’m not sure the recommencement of it needs to occur here.

The Rock -10/1

The fourth favourite for the Royal Rumble next Saturday is The Rock of 10/1 these odds suggest he has a 9.1% chance of winning the event.

“The Great One” made a shocking return to the WWE on New Year’s Day, where he seemingly alluded to a desire for a match with his cousin Roman Reigns. The Rock has inarguably become the most well-known “wrestler” in modern-day history, creating a legacy so strong that his exploits in Hollywood as “Dwayne Johnson” shockingly supersede his actual achievements in WWE.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns has been a dream match for fans for years and something WWE will need to pull the trigger on sooner rather than later if it’s ever to occur with The Rock remarkably now 51 years of age!

The Rock despite his wrestling legacy only won the Royal Rumble once coming in the year 2000. If he participates on Saturday he will be a major favourite for the event. However, I don’t think his legacy needs the win and the match with Reigns can be set up without a victory.

Drew Mclntyre – 20/1

The fifth favourite for the Royal Rumble next Saturday is Drew Mclntyre at  14/1 these odds suggest he has a 4.8% chance of winning the event.

Mclntyre is at an interesting junction of his career, following his return in the latter part of 2023 he has been working as a “tweener” (this means he threads the line between a good and bad guy with plenty of blurred lines).

At last year’s event, McIntyre entered in at number nine and would last 39 minutes and 10 seconds in the event making 3 eliminations before being eliminated by Gunther.

Given his change of character direction in 2023 he’d make an interesting pick to win, but there are more deserving winners than Drew at the moment.

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