New Rules To Prevent Another Dublin All-Ireland Win

Much has been made of the GAA’s new rules and their impact on the game and some have even suggested they have been put in place to halt the Dublin juggernaut.

However we have gotten hold of proposed new rules that are specifically designed to prevent another All-Ireland procession from the boys in blue.

Rule 1 – Birdbox Challenge
Each of Dublin’s opponents will have a Birdbox Challenge card. Once the card has been handed to the officals by a coach each Dublin player must don blindfolds and play by Birdbox Challenge rules for the next 15 minutes.

Rule 2 – Rent
Dublin goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton must pay rent if he spends more than 10 minutes in his area. Meaning if he wants to avoid a financial penalty he will have to sprint to the other half of the field. And we’re not just talking regular rent, we mean Dublin City rent.

Rule 3 – Through The Legs
When a Dublin player scores a point he must remain static in the position he scored from until another Dublin player passes through his legs and ‘frees’ him.

Rule 4 – History Quiz
Before each match, each member of the Dublin panel must answer 5 historical questions about the county they’re about to face. Each correct answer grants the player time on the field. 5 correct answers and you get to play the full match

Rule 5 – 10 Point Lead: Boot Switch
If Dublin establish a 10 point lead, there will be a break of play and all Dublin players must switch their boots. The left boot on the right foot and the right boot on the left foot.