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The BoyleSports BetBuilder – NFL Betting Reimagined

The BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder is truly a game-changer for NFL bettors. BoyleSports customers can now combine match betting, handicaps, total points, touchdown scorers and much more into a single bet.

The Bet Builder is available for a number of sports but it really comes into its own with the NFL. For BoyleSports customers there really are more chances now than ever before to turn small stakes into massive returns.

We’re going to take a look at the mouth-watering clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills to show just how great the Bet Builder here at BoyleSports can be for NFL bettors.

Let’s first take a look at where you can find the Bet Builder tool. After that we’ll create two Bet Builders for Sunday evening’s game to show you how exactly you can turn small stakes into massive returns.

Where To Find The BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder

Once you’re in the American Football section of your BoyleSports app/website, (click HERE for our NFL betting markets) select the game that you want to bet on.

In this case we want to place a Bet Builder on the Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills game so we’ll click on that game as marked by the arrow below.

BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder location

Once you’re on the betting page for the game the next step is to click on the ‘Bet Builder’ tab which appears right next to the ‘All Markets’ tab as you can see below.

Location of BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder

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How To Use The BoyleSports NFL BetBuilder

Now is when the fun begins. We can start making our selections that the BetBuilder tool will then combine into one single bet.

I personally think the Chiefs are going to win against the Bills and I’m expecting a lot of points so let’s pick out a BetBuilder to reflect my thought process here.

How to use BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder

As you can see in the above image I’ve selected Kansas City to win the game and the total points to go over 59.5 which gives me great odds of 4/1 on my BetBuilder. That means that a winning €10 bet would return €50!

Turn Small Stakes Into Big Returns With Our NFL BetBuilder

So how about if I really wanted to juice up the odds to try and get a big return from a small stakes bet? The beauty of the BetBuilder is that it gives us the opportunity to do just that.

Take a look at this BetBuilder below that I picked out.

Small stakes big returns from BoyleSports NFL Bet Builder

My thought process with the bet builder above is that the Chiefs will win in a high scoring game where their star tight end Travis Kelce catches 7+ passes and their starting running back gets the first score.

The BetBuilder tool has combined those four selections and offered me massive odds of 66/1. If I were to put a small €5 bet on this then I could be looking at returns of €335!

BoyleSports NFL BetBuilder Markets Offered

We have recently expanded the markets we offer with our BetBuilder so if you can think of it then you can probably bet on it! Now you can even bet on ‘Total Tackles’, ‘Kicking Points’ and even ‘Extra Points Made’ in a game.

Want to try out our NFL Bet Builder for yourself? Check out our NFL Super Bowl betting tips and make an NFL BetBuilder on our app/website.

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