Odds Of UK Missing Brexit Date Plummet

The United Kingdom will not stick to their scheduled exit from the European Union according to the latest betting.

MPs voted on Tuesday evening to seek changes to the backstop plan included in the withdrawal agreement Theresa May negotiated with the EU, who insist there is no more room for renegotiation.

With the clock ticking towards the scheduled leave date of 29th March,

we have now cut the odds on the UK remaining in the EU beyond that date into 3/10 from 4/6.

The chances of Brexit actually going ahead in March are sitting as an outside 5/2 chance

The chances of Theresa May going ahead with Brexit without a deal are also in reverse, going out 5/1 from 4/1 after an amendment passed in the House of Commons on Tuesday rejecting a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario.

*Prices correct at time of publication