Prepare For The Polls On February 26th

With a General Election set to be announced within the next few days and February hotly tipped for the month that we will be heading to the polling stations, we’ve opened up a market on the exact day of the election.

It’s odds on at 1/7 that we will be heading to the polls on Friday February 26th with its nearest rival in the betting being Friday 4th March at 6/1.

Friday 19th February is priced at 8/1 with any other date on offer at 9/1.

If punters think that February won’t be the month of the election, Thursday, March 3rd is on offer at 12/1.

Currently it’s a Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil that is expected to make up the new government as suggested by the 6/4 odds, but it’s a Fine Gael/Labour government that has seen support and is now 2/1 from 7/2.

A Fine Gael minority is next in the betting at 7/2 with a Fine Gael majority priced at 12/1. Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil/Any other party is currently priced at 10/1.

With Dáil Éireann back from their Christmas holidays today it looks like it’s only a matter of days before Enda Kenny sets the date for an Irish General Election and Friday 26th February is the expected day judging by its odds of 1/7.

*Prices correct at time of publication