Three Numbers Land Galway Punter €15,000

A lucky Galway customer has a big smile on their face this Wednesday after their three numbers were drawn in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday night.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed €10 on the numbers 7,25 and 45 to be drawn from either the EuroMillions Main Draw or Plus Draw.

The bet cost €20 in total with the three numbers being drawn in the EuroMillions Plus Draw, defying odds of 1,500/1 and turning their €20 stake into a whopping €15,010.

If the customer had played the three numbers with the Lottery they would have only netted €20.

Hats off to the lucky Galway customer for landing such a big win with only three numbers in Tuesday’s draw. Now all they need to crown off their week is the Galway hurlers to defeat Limerick on Sunday.