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Wales Rugby World Cup Odds – Winner, Stage of Exit & Pool Odds

In this post, you can find all the latest Wales  Rugby World Cup odds as the they look to win their first-ever Rugby World Cup.

Wales Rugby World Cup Odds

Wales are out-of-form and not expected to make much of this Rugby World Cup and so have been priced by our oddsmakers at a giant 40/1 to win the tournament, making them nineth favourites.

Rugby World Cup Odds 2023
Team Odds Chance
New Zealand 3/1 25%
France 3/1 25%
South Africa 7/2 22.2%
Ireland 9/2 18.2%
Australia 12/1 7.7%
England 16/1 5.9%
Argentina 25/1 3.8%
Scotland 33/1 2.9%
Wales 40/1 2.4%
Fiji 80/1 1.2%
Japan 500/1 0.2%
Samoa 500/1 0.2%
Tonga 500/1 0.2%
Italy 500/1 0.2%

Wales Rugby World Cup Pool Odds

Wales have been drawn in Pool C of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. They are joined in the group

by an out-of-form Australia along with Fiji, Georgia and Portugal. This is my group to watch with both of the seeded sides Australia and Wales out-of-form.

Wales are second favourite at 11/4 to win Pool C, Australia are comfortable 2/5 favourites Elsewhere, Fiji are 7/1, Georgia are 100/1 and Portugal are a mammoth 1000/1 to win Pool C.

Wales are 2/5 to qualify out of their group and to the other end are 200/1 to finish last in their group!

Rugby World Cup Pool C Odds
Team Odds Chance
Australia 2/5 71.4%
Wales 11/4 26.7%
Fiji 7/1 12.5%
Georgia 100/1 1%
Portugal 1000/1 0.1%

Wales Rugby World Cup Stage of Elimination Odds

Wales are most likely expected to get eliminated at the Quarter-Final Stage with our oddsmakers pricing that currently at 10/11, at this point they will likely play either England or Argentina.

Interestingly, Wales are joint next most likely to be eliminated at the semi-final stage where they could play either New Zealand, France, South Africa or Ireland at 5/2. However, they’re priced identically to be eliminated at the Pool Stage, which gives substance to my claim that their Pool qualification is far from a certainty.

If you fancy a shock result, Wales are 16/1 to be runners-up or 40/1 to win their first-ever Rugby World Cup.

Wales Rugby World Cup Stage of Elimination Odds

Stage Odds Chance
Quarter Finals 10/11 52.4%
Semi Finals 5/2 28.6%
Pool Stage 5/2 28.6%
Runner Up 16/1 5.9%
Winner 40/1 2.4%

Wales Rugby Pool A Straight Forecast Odds

1st Australia 2nd Wales – 8/11

1st Australia 2nd Fiji- 7/2

1st Wales 2nd Australia – 7/2

1st Fiji 2nd Australia -12/1

1st Wales 2nd Fiji – 20/1

1st Fiji 2nd Australia – 33/1

1st Australia 2nd Georgia 66/1

1st Wales 2nd Georgia – 100/1

1st Fiji 2nd Georgia – 500/1

Any Other Combination -500/1

Wales Straight Forecast Rugby World Cup Odds

1st France 2nd Wales – 50/1

1st New Zealand 2nd Wales -50/1

1st Australia 2nd Wales -66/1

1st Ireland 2nd Wales -100/1

1st South Africa 2nd Wales -100/1

1st England 2nd Wales-150/1

1st Wales 2nd Australia -150/1

1st Wales 2nd France -150/1

1st Wales 2nd New Zealand -150/1

1st Wales 2nd Argentina -250/1

1st Wales 2nd England -250/1

1st Wales 2nd Ireland -250/1

1st Scotland 2nd Wales -500/1

Wales Rugby World Cup Odds Specials

All Northern Hemisphere Final No – 1/2

All Northern Hemisphere Final Yes – 6/4

To Reach The Semi-Final – 2/1

To Finish 4th – 7/2

To Finish 3rd – 7/1

To Reach The Final – 10/1

Wales Top 6 Nations Team Odds 18/1

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