Gaelic Football Tips – Connolly Previews Weekend’s All-Ireland Action

We have gaelic football tips for you from our ambassador Diarmuid Connolly ahead of another weekend of Championship action.

Monaghan v Donegal Preview

Monaghan are top of the group and you probably wouldn’t have said that at the start of the season. They’re joint points with Derry on three and they have to face Donegal this weekend. Donegal have been a whip and by team over the last six to eight months or so. Even in the league they never got anything going but I was impressed with them the last day. Paddy McBrearty, their captain, came back and he looks lively enough but Oisin Gallen was the stand-out in that last game as he kicked nine points. He was electric.

Any ball that he got he looked like he was going to do something and he was dangerous inside. Monaghan are going to have their hands full with that guy, but for me I think this game is going to be very close. A draw would be a fair result but Karl O’Connor has been unbelievable. Jack McCarron has been horses for courses in the last game but he came on and kicked nine points. He has a sweet left foot on him and even his passing range on his right foot was unbelievable.

I do still think Monaghan struggle on their scramble defense and this is going to be set up for Donegal. They are going to get a lot of bodies back behind the ball and run at this Monaghan side. That is where Monaghan struggles. If Donegal get runners down the middle I think they could open this Monaghan side for goals. There are goals in this Monaghan side also but I’m going for the draw here at 8/1.

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Monaghan v Donegal Odds - All-Ireland Group Stage

Dublin v Sligo Preview

Sligo are bottom of the group with one point and they were whipped by Roscommon the last day so I expect Dublin to go ten points plus here. They have a couple of injured bodies back and I really like the look of this Dublin side.

Sean MacMahon is going into center back from full back in the last game so I expect Dublin to win this one comfortably and hopefully top the group on score difference.

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Dublin v Sligo Odds - All-Irelad Group Stage 2023

Roscommon v Kildare

Kildare had a big blip against Dublin a couple of weeks ago and I expect a big bounce back from them. This could be their last game of the season so they need to put in a big performance. What a season Roscommon are having and they had a great league. They should have beat Dublin that day in Croke Park, they were irresistible and went on to beat Sligo by a very comfortable ten points.

Ben O’Carroll is the stand-out forward for me. He is guy who gives the outlet play. We know Roscommon like to get bodies behind the ball and they leave O’Carroll up on his own. They have a powerful half back line too. I’m going for the draw here because I think Kildare are going to bounce back and Roscommon are on such a high and haven’t had a game in a few weeks either.

I’m going to put my neck on the line and go for the draw at 8/1.

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Roscommon v Kildare Odds - All-Ireland Group Stage 2023

Galway v Armagh

Galway are very good at the moment and they are top of the group with two comfortable wins. Tyrone shot themselves in the foot when getting a man sent off very early in the game and Galway controlled it very well. Even in the Westmeath game they pulled away when they needed to. I think their forward line is the best in the country, especially that half forward line. Even the guys that come off the bench to replace these players are top players themselves. I don’t think anyone’s half back line has matched them this year.

Armagh were one of these unlucky again teams. Maybe things could have went their way and maybe they couldn’t. Same thing for them in the league but that has been the case with Armagh for the last four or five years. It hasn’t just been this season. You just don’t know what you will get with this side.

They will come ready to fight but I don’t see Galway being beaten at home. It will be close for about 50 minutes and then Galway will tip on to win it in the end.

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Galway v Armagh Odds - All-Ireland Group Stage 2023

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All-Ireland Football Odds 2023

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