‘Saharan Outbreak’ Triggers Gamble On New Temperature Record

A plume of hot air looks set to send temperatures soaring next week and some hopefuls are hoping to be basking in the glory after backing Ireland’s all-time record to be smashed.

The anticipated heatwave dubbed the Saharan Outbreak is on its way to mainland Europe with temperatures of up to 44°C predicted in the likes of Italy and Spain, and the warm air is also expected to drift to the UK and could see the mercury hit record-breaking levels if the forecasters are to be believed.

The betting has also been heating up with BoyleSports cutting the chances of Ireland’s all-time record of 33.3°C being exceeded this year into 2/1 from 4/1. The record has stood since it was clocked at Kilkenny Castle in 1887.

July’s all-time record temperature was recorded more recently in 2006 in Roscommon and it’s just 4/1 for that record to be smashed at any time next month. It’s an even hotter odds-on shot that 2018’s highest temperature of 32°C is topped this year.

It may be time to break out the BBQ, but our numbers could be cooked if the hot spell brings a new record with it.

Plenty of optimistic weather watchers have been asking for odds on the 33.3°C record being scorched, and the increasing pressure means we’ve made it 2/1 from 4/1 that a new high is reached this year.