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The Better Team – Man United Treble Winners v This Man City Team?

Recently there has been plenty of discussion about both this current Man City side and Man United’s treble winning team and who is better.

Here at BoyleSports we got the chance to speak with Andy Cole on this debate and he gave us his take on how the two great teams compare, what his combined XI would look like along with some other interesting talking points.

Man United Treble Winners v This Man City Team

Q. If Man City win the treble, are they the best side in Premier League history?

Already calling Manchester City the best team in Premier League history is a total lack of respect to Manchester United, especially from people who weren’t in that position too.

You can tell there is a lot of hatred towards Manchester United because of their success. Fair play if Manchester City win the treble but that doesn’t make them a better team than we were.

Man United ’99 & Man City ’23 Combined XI

Q. Out of these Man City players, and if they do win the treble, who makes it into your 1999 team?

I would not change a single player out of my team for any of these current Manchester City players. Otherwise that’s me being disrespectful to my teammates, and at the end of the day we’re still the only team to have won the treble so far.

Manchester City spent a lot of money to get to this position, Manchester United had six homegrown players, that tells you everything. Ronny Johnsen was a fantastic player and he gets disrespected too.

If he was such a bad player, why was he playing for Manchester United in one of the best central defending partnerships with Jaap Stam. People say Ruben Dias, well he wasn’t playing for Manchester United at that time and didn’t win the treble like Johnsen did.

Could Gary Neville Play In The Modern Game

Q. There’s a narrative that Gary Neville couldn’t play in today’s game, what do you think?

That’s what I mean, there’s a perception about Gary Neville and also me that we couldn’t play in today’s game or make this Manchester City team.

I don’t care because I know I achieved the treble, people can say what they want but at the end of the day, the people making these statements were nowhere near winning a league title, nevermind the treble.

Q. Is that a reference to Jaime Carragher?

What Jaime Carragher says, it makes no difference to me. People talk a lot of flannel. You have to be in that position of success to be able to have an opinion on what’s better.

Carragher put Jack Grealish in ahead of Ryan Giggs because he had more goal contributions? That says it all.

Can Inter Milan Beat Man City In The Champions League Final?

Q. Everyone expects a Man City win in the Champions League final, are there any worries you can spot from Inter Milan’s team? Are Lukaku and Martinez big threats?

You can always expect a threat from the opposing team like Inter, it’s a Champions League final. Anything can happen in cup finals, they’re not always set in stone for the strongest team to win.

It’s going to be a tough game for Manchester City, especially the way the Italians set up to defend, they can also counter attack. If Manchester City score early, then they’ll probably cruise the game. But if Inter hold on, it will be a very interesting affair.

Newcastle United

Q. Can you see Allan Saint-Maximin leaving or do you think he should stay and fight for a spot in the team?

It’s down to Eddie Howe why Allan Saint-Maximin is not playing. I think there is no doubt that they’ll come to an agreement in the summer.

If a player moves on, it’s because the manager does not want him anymore or the player wants more game time elsewhere. It makes no difference to me if Saint-Maximin decided to leave Newcastle United or not because they’re in an unbelievable position.

Q. How crucial has Kieran Trippier been to Newcastle’s resurgence?

Kieran Trippier has been massive for Newcastle United, defensively and offensively.

I think Trippier was the key to allowing Newcastle United to attract more players to the club because Trippier was a statement signing. Anytime he plays for England, he never lets us down.

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